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Pregnancy and Chiropractic - A Natural Solution for Pain Relief!

While pregnancy is normal and natural, the incredible stress it places on the body can often lead to pain and discomfort for a lot of women. The quick addition of weight and the additional nutrition requirements as the fetus grows lead to instability in the lower back and pelvis, which can be further aggravated by a lack of exercise.

As the pregnancy advances there are a cascade of hormonal changes causing ligaments of the pelvis to loosen in preparation for labor and delivery. These loosened ligaments along with the instability caused by additional weight, can lead to misalignment of the spine and pelvis resulting in low back pain, leg pain, and soreness. This will often times lead to sleep difficulties, in turn leading to fatigue and additional aches. In order to break this cycle, pelvic balance must be restored and proper stability exercises should be performed regularly.

Chiropractic physicians are trained in working with and treating pregnant women to not only relieve their symptoms but also to help restore pelvic balance and normal posture, which can help reduce labor and delivery time. The protruding abdomen in pregnancy can increase the curve in the lumbar spine, which can cause long-term pain and posture issues. Additionally, when the pelvis is not in proper alignment, it can restrict the amount of room the developing baby has. Chiropractors can perform minor adjustments to restore normal motion and increase function in both the pelvis and lower back.

Do you know someone who is Pregnant and could benefit from our services? Are you pregnant, and experiencing lower back pain? Are you curious about ways we can help make the whole pregnancy process more comfortable and enjoyable? Contact us today!

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Upcoming article: Pregnancy & Nutrition!

Are you curious about proper nutrition during pregnancy? In next month’s newsletter (February), I’ll be discussing common nutritional deficiencies seen in pregnancy.

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