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At Karminski Chiropractic we believe that true healthcare should be a holistic patient-centered partnership between a patient and their doctor. We utilize a functional approach to evaluate health conditions, meaning we spend a great deal of time getting to know our patients and their lifestyles so that we understand the true nature of their problem. While working with our patients we prefer to address the whole person, not just treat an isolated set of symptoms. We strive to understand the factors that influence your long-term health so that we can optimize your health and vitality. It is our goal to not only get you healthy, but keep you healthy and get you back to living your life!


Our Philosophy //

Integrative Medicine


Integrative medicine is a dynamic approach to healthcare which puts the you right in the center of your care. The goal of integrative medicine is to restore and maintain health and wellness throughout life through understanding of your unique circumstances and addressing all elements of human health: physical, mental, social, spiritual and environmental factors.


What this means to us:

  • Both the patient and the practitioner are partners in the healing process.

  • We will work with your other healthcare providers to deliver to you the best possible care.

  • We will always attempt to use effective interventions that are natural and non-invasive before suggesting you see another practitioner for more invasive procedures such as the use of drugs and surgery.

  • We believe that good medicine is based in good science. We are constantly driven to follow an evidenced-based model of patient care.

Functional Medicine


Functional medicine is a model used to explain an novel approach to healthcare which embodies the principle of returning to and maintaining true health. It is a patient-centered and science-based model that integrates what we know about how the human body works with the lifestyle choices, enviormental exposures and genetic influences that impact our health. Functional medicine embraces the theraputic partnership between doctor and patient and encourages both parties to maintain an open dialoge in an effort to deliver the best possible care.

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