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Advanced Laboratory Testing & Nutrition Analysis//

Blood Test

Our Approach

In any healthcare industry a certain standard must be met and it must be based in scientific research and objectivity. Health isn’t a guessing game, and how you’re feeling shouldn’t be the sole indicator of your health. If you’re not getting tested, then you have no way of knowing how well your body is actually functioning. There is no general screening test more efficient, effective or affordable then a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. To fully understand your current health, and to determine nutritional strengths and weaknesses we perform advanced laboratory testing and other objective diagnostic tools to create a truly personalized nutrition and lifestyle program just for you! Whether you've got a serious health concern or you're just curious about how you can be as healthy as you can, our program will help you understand where you currently stand and how you can achieve optimal function!


About the Program

Before we order any testing, you'll fill out a detailed symptom survey before coming to the office. Next, you’ll come in for your initial evaluation, where we will go over your survey together, ask you detailed questions, answer any questions you may have, take your vitals and perform any necessary exams. After the exam we will discuss the tests we’d like to order (such as Blood, Urine, Stool, Hair) and discuss our plan moving forward. We will give you a script which you will take to the lab, the lab will send us all the results, and then we will schedule a follow-up appointment with you. During this follow-up, we will discuss your results and provide you with a extensive typed report outlining all of our findings, and discuss lifestyle, dietary and individualized supplement recommendations. You will follow these recommendations, and we will perform any repeat testing again typically two months later (depending on your test results).

About the Testing

Our advanced laboratory panel is made of up many different tests, which will help us get a complete picture of your health.  Depending on your presenting symptoms, current medications and vitals; additional tests may be added. Some of the things we may test include: Blood Type, Glucose Levels, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Panel, Liver Panel, Lipid Panel, Complete Blood Count, Ferritin, ESR, CRP, Creatinine Kinase, Vitamin D, Male/Female Hormone Profiles and Male/Female Cancer Profiles, Urinalysis, and Stool Analysis. We will analyze all the data from these lab tests and create a detailed report, in which we will outline all of our findings, and discuss recommendations.


Typically, labs only report if your values are outside of the “clinical range.” However, when we analyze your results we will look at the results more closely, and incorporate the Optimal or “Healthy” range in our reports. Optimal values are more narrow then the clinical range and are a better depiction of health. These ranges are designed with the concept of not waiting until test results reach “Clinical” before considering lifestyle changes. The point of optimal range is to “flag” test results that are heading towards Clinical. The whole idea is PREVENTION of disease!


Understanding the Difference

The traditional model of healthcare is one of disease management, not one of promoting health. Doctors run tests only after disease symptoms manifest, often times long after the disease has already caused internal damage and then they prescribe drugs to manage the symptoms of those diseases rather than address the underlying cause. At Karminski Chiropractic we do not treat disease, we help the body heal itself by figuring out what’s wrong, then give the body what it needs to heal itself (proper lifestyle and dietary choices and specific nutritional supplements), and watch/measure the results. We are striving to re-frame the way we think about health care, and turn the focus to creating health not managing disease.


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